The Center for Global Methodism

The Claremont School of Theology Center for Global Methodism was set up in cooperation with the California-Pacific Conference to help make the School a leading presence in research, teaching, and the formation of leaders in Methodist traditions from around the globe. Led by Rev. Dr. Karen Dalton, Associate Dean and Director of Field Education, and Rev. Dr. Jack Jackson, E. Stanley Jones Assistant Professor of Evangelism and Mission, the Center is still in its beginning stages.

The Center’s emphasis at present is on providing education and formation opportunities for Methodist students.  Regular programs are offered including educational forums and information sessions related to candidacy for ministry.  Resources for spiritual support and vocational discernment are being developed and made available.  In these ways the Center offers a home and formative influences for students from across the range of Methodist and Wesleyan traditions, including but not limited to candidates for ordination in the United Methodist Church and Korean Methodist Church. As our school welcomes increased diversity from within and beyond the Christian traditions, students need a context for learning about and being strengthened in their particular traditions.

The Center is also looking for additional funding for projects in these categories:

  • Education – John Wesley wanted knowledge and vital piety to be joined, and the Center for Global Methodism shares this vision. Our denominational studies courses including United Methodist History, Doctrine, Polity, and Evangelism will be linked to the Center and made available beyond our campus as online courses. In order to provide educational resources for the church, online courses and on-campus conferences will be developed on topics such as leadership, Global Methodism, mission, evangelism, and spirituality.
  • Research – Claremont has long been known for the strength and quality of the school’s academic life. The Center will extend this tradition by encouraging, focusing, and resourcing the academic study of Methodism. A particular interest is the Methodist movement in the context of an intercultural, interreligious, and rapidly changing context such as the western United States. We anticipate academic study and research on historical and contemporary topics and issues regionally, nationally, and globally.
  • Partnership – this Center is envisioned as a context where the church and the academy learn together, and where the church and the seminary become strong together. In partnership with leaders in the church, the Center will identify key trends in Methodism globally, highlighting the ministries of various Methodist groups in the southwest. Partnership within the pan-Methodist family will be encouraged for the purpose of strengthening the church’s ministry for the creative transformation of the world.